Sacred Space Alter Box

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Sacred Space Alter Box
Sacred Space Aromatic Mist
Amethyst Cluster
Tibetan Quartz Point
Selenite wand
Aragonite Cluster
Sage Smudge Stick
Palo Santo Stick

Sacred Space Aromatic Mist may assist in clearing negative energy from your space and aura to allow positive vibes only!

30 ml violet glass

Ingredients: Purified water, Organic and WildCrafted Essential Oils, Organic Flower Essences, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystals.

Amethyst Cluster
Enhances meditation and fosters a greater awareness of Source/God, Raises spiritual frequencies, Clears the Aura, Balancing in all aspects, “Stone of meditation”. Amethyst conducts a calm and peaceful energy and activates the Crown Chakra.
Blue Calcite Chunk
Calcite is a meditation stone and may assist in restoring balance in your life. Calcite is a repose. For many, just holding one for a few minutes brings great relief.
Tibetan Quartz Point
Tibetan Quartz have been used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user. Healing and meditation have been enhanced in the Tibetan Quartz. This crystal contains a powerful “OM” vibration.
Labradorite Chunk
Labradorite is said to provide clarity, attract success and aid in the interpretation of dreams.
Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination.  It is a wonderful tool for returning joy and spontaneity back to one’s life.
Labradorite radiates a predominant blue crystal energy that stimulates the Throat Chakra, the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. Labradorite, with its iridescent flashes of color, can be very beneficial in uniting all of the chakras.
Labradorite is a powerful protector of the aura and is referred to as the “temple of the stars.” Labradorite is thought to bring the light of other planetary beings to the soul of the user. Its labradorescence is believed to be of extra-terrestrial origins, and enclosed in the mineral to bring the evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth plane.

Selenite wand
The name selenite comes from the Greek word Selene which means moon. This carries associations to intuition, subconscious and emotions. Selenite exudes a water energy as well. It assists in mental clarity and expanding ones awareness. Selenite supports truth and honesty, and it is often used to communicate with angels or spirit guides. I personally use Selenite to remove energy blocks and in clearing my personal space and charging other crystals and gemstones. Selenite is perfect for protection grids and can be placed in the four corners of your home for energy and possibly EMF protection. Selenite is helpful for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras with its assistance and influence on psychic awareness and meditation and supports harmony and inner peace. Aragonite Star Cluster
Aragonite Star Clusters may be called the conservationist’s stone, as their vibration encourages conservation and caring for the earth. Because of their structure, they send light out in a variety of different directions, to create an outcome of heightened light and energy in their surroundings.
These lovely crystals are potent aids to assist the healing and balancing of the emotional body, and help you to overcome stress and anxiety. They may relieve anger and resentment, and they are known to help you if you have stress or other negative emotional feelings.

This is a strong stone which resonates through the base chakra providing you with a feeling of stability within your life. and the earth chakra to release excess energy, and spiritual grounding into Mother Gaia.

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