Sacred Heart Perfume Oil

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Sacred Heart Aroma Roll designed to Elevate your Consciousness

10 ml violet glass

Organic Jojoba and Argan Oil, Organic and WildCrafted Essential Oils, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystals.

Fall head over heels in love with Sacred Heart, a passionate blend of pure essential oils. Absolute rose and geranium entwine gently with a sea of other sensual aphrodisiac oils in an aroma that feels like warm sunshine on a blossoming heart. This mesmerizing, uplifting blend raises your vibration, inviting more love into your life, effortlessly inspiring self-love, acceptance, and confidence. Anoint yourself and honor your perfect heart and your inner love goddess.

– Astrea Taylor – Author of “House of Transformation” and “Trust Us, We’re Fire Dancers

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