How To Use

At Awaken Essential Oils, we create products that are safe and ready to use! Our dilutions are typically in the 1%-3% range.  If you are curious about a product for your child or have a current trauma in your life, please contact us so that we may create a blend or dilution specifically for your needs!

There are a variety of ways to use Essential Oils safely. Determining which application is best for you may depend on your reason of use. Lets look at some of the possibilities.

Essential Oils via inhalation method:

Diffuse- This method breaks the essential oil down into tiny molecules. These molecules then fill your space and the air you breath. This can be an everyday application for some. You may seek essential oils to clear your space of germs. You may wish to consider essential oils that are uplifting or stimulating. With this method it is easy and safe to use Essential Oils to assist you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Room/linen spray- This is a great method if you do not have a diffuser or want to apply Essential Oils to a specific place such as your linens before you slumber. The Essential Oils will not break into as tiny of molecules such as when diffused.  Another place to utilize a fine most spray is in your car!

Housecleaning products- This may be surprising but if we use Essential Oils while cleaning our homes, we can benefit from the inhalation of the oils we use! This is just another way to receive all of those fantastic qualities from the amazing plant kingdom

Using Essential Oils topically:

Body Spray- This is a simple and quick application that can be used in place of conventional perfume spray. I also use this method for hand sanitizing, when I want the oils to soak in quickly. For a safe and practical use, focus on a 1-3% blend of essential oil to 97-99% water. If you do not use a preservative, it’s best to use a Body Spray up within a year.

Aroma Roll- In a roll on method, we add Essential Oils to a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Apricot or Grape seed Oil.  I prefer this method for my first aid kit. The roll on application is quick and easy.  I use this for bug bites, minor burns, scrapes, and especially as a perfume alternative. This is a good application for an acute injury where there is pain involved. When you apply Essential Oils in a carrier oil, they take a little longer to soak in than a Body Spray.

Lotion- I love this application for day or night use. I may use a bright citrus aroma in the morning or a calming lavender Essential Oil in the evening before bed. With this application, the Essential Oils will take some time to soak in and the aroma will linger a bit longer than in an Aroma Roll. This could be a good choice for a sore muscle where the Essential Oil can release over a period of time.

Cream- I prefer a cream base for really dry skin or eczema. Essential Oils will take even longer to soak in than in a lotion. If you want to feel the effect throughout a longer time period, this is a great application.

In all applications it is best to stick with a 1-3% blend for daily use. If there is a trauma you may want to bump it up to a 5% for a short time. If you experience a trauma with acute pain or inflammation you may want to use a 10% for a very short time frame. Remember less is more with typical everyday use. I see a lot of recipes on the internet that are not safe for everyday use. Now you can do the math and decide if a recipe will provide you with safe everyday use!

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