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Awaken Essential Oils offers safe and ready to use Certified Organic Aromatherapy products to assist you in Body, Mind and Spirit. All of our blends are created by our Certified Aromatherapist Stefanie Palmer.  We currently stock Aroma Rolls, Soaking Salts, Skin Care Products, Lotions, Creams, Body/Room and Linen Sprays.  All ingredients we use are carefully sourced from around the world with a primary focus on sustainable and organic materials. Awaken Essential Oils will soon offer Personalized Aromatherapy Consultations where Stefanie can create custom products for your specific needs.  You may wish to address issues such as arthritis, sports injuries, headaches, illness, depression, anxiety, allergies or asthma (to name a few).  With over 20 years of self education in Aromatherapy, Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Polarity Therapy, Affirmation & Visualization, Chakra & Crystal Therapy, you can trust a holistic model will be used to guide you on your path to health and well being.  Stefanie is also available to lead workshops for groups where individuals can create Aromatherapy products and learn various techniques to assist in the process of self care.


At Awaken Essential Oils we use only the finest organic therapeutic quality essential oils available. With 20 years of essential oil use and study the blends created have a specific divined purpose. As a “wholistic” product, many aspects of nature are taken into account. We use the waxing, waning and signs of the moon to help empower the intention of each blend. Crystals and Gemstones which correlate to each blend are soaked in Reverse Osmosis Water under the light of a full moon and provide an energetic base to each bottle. We create these blends in small batches ensuring a long shelf life and fresher oil. With purity we bring you an array of essential oil products anointed with the highest vibration of love.


Sustainability and community are cornerstones at Awaken Essential Oils.   The materials sourced to comprise our products are made as close to home as possible minimizing our carbon footprint.  We source certified organic and sustainable components for all of our products.   Most of our packaging supplies are reused and to minimize paper use we will happily email you an invoice!  We are currently seeking a local non profit to donate to.  If you have a non profit organization or know of one that holds similar ethics as ours, please contact us!


Stefanie Palmer is a passionate Certified Aromatherapist that has been working with Essential Oils for more than 20 years. It is her passion which inspired her to create Awaken Essential Oils in 2012.  With a quest to amass knowledge of self care, Stefanie has read hundreds of books regarding various healing techniques. With this knowledge, all of her blends are carefully and consciously created using a variety of Earth honoring techniques.

InJoy & Gratitude!

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